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"Guardeno Industries" Negotiation exercises

The participant takes on the role of a Commercial Account Manager for a Bank and meets a customer from Guardeno Industries, a global glass manufacturer. Following an international glass fair, a series of fraudulent actions have been identified across various Guardeno employee accounts which have caused security, compliance and customer service concerns. The participant is required to gain an understanding of the key facts and then meet the customer. The issues are complex and there is fault on both sides.

"Vorlinden" Analysis exercise

As the newly appointed strategy and performance director for Vorlinden PLC, an insurance company offering general insurance products (i.e. non-life). Vorlinden is at a crossroads and the participant has been recruited to develop a strategy to take the business forward. He/she is provided with information including: the annual financial statement; policy sales/ renewal data; European insurance spend data; board member views; staff turnover figures; staff and customer survey; a proposal for combining call centre operations and details of two possible acquisitions.

"Papillon Drinks" Analysis exercise

The participant takes on the role of a sales and marketing consultant who has been asked to give advice to

"Goodwell Systems" Analysis exercise

Working for an IT consultancy, the participant is asked to devise a resourcing plan to ensure that the needs of each of the two new big contracts are met. Options include using contractors or training internal staff using quick, but expensive, training or longer-term study on the job with skilled personnel. The options has varied cost, timescale and sustainability implications.

"Glebel Analysis" Analysis exercise

The participant takes the role of the newly appointed Managing Director of a Division of Glebel Foods, a fast moving consumer goods company. Two of the product Divisions (Biscuits and Snackfoods), are performing well, but the third is not achieving its potential. The participant has been appointed to improve results and take steps to grow the business in that Division. He/she is asked to review a range of papers including: income statement and forecast; sales results; customer survey results; a proposal to relocate a factory; and a leadership audit.

"Banco Damasco" Analysis exercise

The participant takes on the role of a senior manager in an European banking group, that recently acquired a retail bank in Brazil. He/she has been seconded to a branch the bank has chosen to become a ‘concept branch’ due to its location. The board of the banking group has asked for a review of the branch, to ensure that the initiative is a success. Information provided includes a branch P&L, product/customer information, employee issues, an internal fraud allegation, bad credit issues, local demographic data and industry trends.

"Clientul nemulțumit" exercițiu de tip fact finding

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Asumând rolul liderului unei agenții de turism din Ungaria, candidatul trebuie să exploreze detaliile unei plângeri hoteliere pentru a rezolva problema. 

"Fabrica Gas" exercițiu de analiză-prezentare

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Candidații în rolul unei echipe de consultanți externali trebuie să dea sfaturi în legătură cu strategia unei fabrici de mărime medie. 

"Taraco" exercițiu de tip fact finding

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Candidatul primește datele unei mărci, care în ultimul timp nu a avut o performanță bună pe piață. Candidatul analizează în scris ce alte informațiile necesare, decide ce se poate face, și își justifică decizia.