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"Banco Damasco Group" exercise

Banco Damasco Group
Typ cvičení: 
Za jakým účelem?: 
65-70 minutes
Individuální či skupinové: 
Pro koho? 
For middle managers

Participants assume the roles of senior managers working for a European banking group, which recently acquired a retail bank in Brazil (Banco Damasco). Banco Damasco has been under-performing, but due to the severe shortage of potential acquisitions in Brazil, the European bank decided to go ahead with the deal. The participants’ task is to develop a strategy for growing the bank’s business. They are given background information about Brazil, the industry, the banking group, Banco Damasco and options available for expansion. Participants are asked to consider how to improve the bank’s current performance, and to make recommendations for future market positioning, customer segments, channels, profitability and geographic expansion.

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