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Number Series Test (NIT2)

Information Technology Test Series (ITTS) for system operators - Numerical test
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15 minutes

Dieser Test ist erreichbar nicht nur allein, sondern auch als der Teil des nachfolgenden Testpaketes.

Measures high level numerical reasoning skills rather than skill in computational work. In particular, it assesses the ability to recognise the relationships between numbers, therefore the test is appropriate for any IT job where the recognition of numerical relationships or sequences is important. Calculators are not allowed.


Julianna Kiss

Julianna Kiss
Managing director, consultant, psychologist

She graduated first as a mathematics-geography teacher in Szeged. Then, she obtained a degree in psychology from Eötvös Loránd Science University. Her professional attitude can be characterised by strong practice-orientation. She is a keen lecturer and supervisor of the training courses.

She is one of SHL Hungary’s founders. She has rich experience in designing and delivering Hungarian and international selection projects. She took part in assembling the professional materials for the Hungarian SHL training courses.  

She has been SHL Hungary's director since 1997. She plays a critical role in spreading SHL methodology in Eastern Europe. 

She is an SHL UK accredited trainer. 


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