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Linking recruitment and measurement

SHL provides a complex, innovative service in the field of labour selection and recruitment! With the help of our modern Facebook application designed for a given position, we not only search for and find promising candidates, but also examine them with the help of our psychological tests. Thanks to our comprehensive service, we also provide objective data regarding the candidates' personalities and abilities. In our reports, it is clear to what extent the applicant has the skills required to perform the given job.

What are the benefits of this?

  • you can manage candidate processes in one place
  • you can save time and energy: you do not have to coordinate the measurement of the candidates with a third party, you will also receive our reports in addition to the cv.
  • easier organizational decisions: the additional information provided by the reports allows for a comprehensive picture of the candidates, and not only can the career path be more clearly defined in terms of skills, but even new alternative position opportunities may arise. Get to know your candidates more thoroughly!

We recommend our service to those who do not want to base their recruitment decisions solely on their impressions, but would also include objective indicators in their selection processes. Within the framework of our service, we also provide the opportunity to recruit and measure blue and white collar labour.

Recruit and measure in one place! Review our sample reports!



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