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Every employee works differently from home, so they also need a different kind of support. In an epidemic caused by COVID-19, the home office soon became commonplace. Our goal is to provide employees with the right help for their work, even in this changed situation. We have used 40 years of experience and expertise to create a tool that provides real support to employees and organizations in adapting to work from home.

Our Remote Work Questionnaire identifies employee strengths and areas for improvement in relation to the changed work environment. The questionnaire highlights areas where the worker needs help and support. This can increase the efficiency and success of working from home.

How is the process going?

  • The employee completes a short online questionnaire of just 10 minutes about their work habits, work relationships, and motivations. (A demo version of this is available by clicking here and can be filled out for free! A free report of the results will be prepared and sent by e-mail.)
  • The responses are aggregated along eight types of behaviors that are critical to working from home. The use of these eight factors is based on SHL’s decades of research and practical experience.
  • We provide quick and easy-to-understand online feedback on the results and it also includes the employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Why choose our device?

  • It helps increase commitment and efficiency: it provides exactly the support that employees need in the current situation.
  • The road to success: identifies strengths and areas for improvement.
  • It supports organizational transformation: it makes measurable how willing employees are to work from home.

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