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Analysis-presentation exercises

These exercises assess the candidate's analysis and presentation skills. Candidates analyse the content of the exercise booklet that contains a business case, and present the finding to the assessors. The presentation is followed by questions from the assessors. 


Upon request, we record the simulation, and work up the recording in two versions:

  • We hand over the full material to the participant, if that serves his/her development.
  • We hand over a shortened version (3-5 minutes) to the client, that presents the most typical momentum. This is a useful annex to the written report, as it offers a quick and illustrative picture of the simulation, the candidate, and his/her style.


"Nord Gas" Analysis-presentation exercise

For what purpose?: 
Individual or group: 

In this group exercise, participants have to play a team of external consultants who give strategic advice to a factory. Nord Gas is an unassigned role exercise. These exercises (due to all participants having the same role) are fairer than assigned role exercises.

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