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In-tray exercises

In this kind of exercise candidates have to work from the contents of a manager’s in-tray consisting of letters, memos and background information, and have to arrange, priorize, take action, and write memos – typical everyday tasks of managers. These exercises measure abilities such as planning, organising, problem-solving, written communication, decision making, and tactical as well as strategic thinking.

"Boom Duval" In-tray exercise

This high level exercise simulates the role of a Divisional Manager in a multi-national holding group. The division comprises five diverse companies, which are facing a range of different issues.

"Bruger-Kent" In-tray exercise

The candidate is the manager of a division of the Bruger-Kent financial company, and they have to deal with a complaint registered by a client as well as a personnel problem. The exercise consists of four parts (organising, evaluation, decisionmaking, and communication), all of which require the candidate to complete different tasks, and all of which therefore measure different competencies.

"Hobson Brothers Ltd." In-tray exercise

The candidate is the sales director of Hobson Brothers Ltd., a British manufacturing company. They have to assure the effectiveness of production and sales in the light of the budget and deadlines. They have to solve problems such as the green movements’ threats due to the use of the furs of exotic animals; renting storage places; and attending conferences.

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