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Role-play exercises

These exercises assess the candidate's interpersonal skills. After a quick preparation the candidate participates in a discussion with a role-player (usually either an unsatisfied customer or a direct report). The candidate's task is to resolve a conflict with this person in an efficient discussion with the least damage possible. 

Upon request, we record the simulation, and work up the recording in two versions:

  • We hand over the full material to the participant, if that serves his/her development.
  • We hand over a shortened version (3-5 minutes) to the client, that presents the most typical momentum. This is a useful annex to the written report, as it offers a quick and illustrative picture of the simulation, the candidate, and his/her style.

"Enquiry Handling" Role-play exercise

For what purpose?: 
Individual or group: 

Participants deal with a new customer enquiry and recommend suitable products. This exercise can be run face-to-face or over the telephone. An optional second task asks candidates to write a follow-up letter to the customer summarizing the outcome of the discussion.

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