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Role-play exercises

These exercises assess the candidate's interpersonal skills. After a quick preparation the candidate participates in a discussion with a role-player (usually either an unsatisfied customer or a direct report). The candidate's task is to resolve a conflict with this person in an efficient discussion with the least damage possible. 

Upon request, we record the simulation, and work up the recording in two versions:

  • We hand over the full material to the participant, if that serves his/her development.
  • We hand over a shortened version (3-5 minutes) to the client, that presents the most typical momentum. This is a useful annex to the written report, as it offers a quick and illustrative picture of the simulation, the candidate, and his/her style.

"Guardeno Industries" Negotiation exercises

The participant takes on the role of a Commercial Account Manager for a Bank and meets a customer from Guardeno Industries, a global glass manufacturer. Following an international glass fair, a series of fraudulent actions have been identified across various Guardeno employee accounts which have caused security, compliance and customer service concerns. The participant is required to gain an understanding of the key facts and then meet the customer. The issues are complex and there is fault on both sides.

"Glebel Negotiation" exercise

The participant works for Glebel Foods, a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that manufactures cakes, biscuits and snackfoods. The participant takes on the role of Customer Trading Director with overall responsibility for the trading strategy across all channels and products in the Snackfoods Division. The task is to meet with the Group Procurement Director of a supermarket chain to agree how the two companies can work more effectively and grow sales of snackfoods products.

"Daydream Holidays" Negotiation exercise

Daydream is an international travel agency with branches in the high streets of most cities and large towns. The participant plays the role of a manager with responsibility for selling holidays aimed at the over fifties market. On joining the company he/she was given specific responsibility for revitalising this area of the business. The participant has to meet with a regional head of sales to persuade him/her to give more emphasis to the over fifties market sector and gain his/her support for a range of initiatives that the participant would like to put in place.

"Enquiry Handling" Role-play exercise

For what purpose?: 
Individual or group: 

Participants deal with a new customer enquiry and recommend suitable products. This exercise can be run face-to-face or over the telephone. An optional second task asks candidates to write a follow-up letter to the customer summarizing the outcome of the discussion.

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