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How to Make HR – HR in a Nutshell

Language of lecture: 
Length of the training: 
1 day
47,500 Ft
The training is also available in 
English languages.

If you want to get to know the future HR of the world, our training is a perfect choice to gain a better understanding of the most important challenges and trends, as well as to get a comprehensive picture of the place of HR in corporate strategy. HR is a major competitive advantage for a business, as its activities are also unique and need to be consciously built along the company’s strategy and organizational culture.

Training starts with a minimum of 4 participants, according to the agreed time and place.

Our registration number in the Adult Education Data Service System is B/2020/006665.
We act in accordance with the Adult Education Act in all respects.


For whom? 

To managers, HR professionals, HR managers, strategic and finance directors 


The ability to see the forest from the trees has always been a useful professional and leadership capability. This is very much true when it comes to HR. HR is not simply a collection of individual functions but it is the “whole”, which is always more than the mere sum of its parts.

Probably not too many people disagree with the statement that well-built HR means serious competitive advantage for an organisation. At the same time, it is not that simple, since:

  • you can alway learn in this field, but you can never imitate;
  • every company works along unique environmental conditions;
  • consequently, HR activities are also unique, and they have to be developed consequently along the company's strategy and organisational culture.

The course offers an overview of

  • HR work in practice
  • theoretical approaches,
  • real-life examples and solutions.

During the training Imre Rigo highlights HR's most important areas and typical HR-related problems, and presents solutions based on his leadership, lecturer, and consultancy experience. As an advocate of the classical, “craftsmanship” HR, he is happy to discuss his approach, its appropriateness, or even its limits. 

Kossuth Lajos utca 20.


Price of the training: 47,500 Ft.
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