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"Banco Damasco Group" exercise

Participants assume the roles of senior managers working for a European banking group, which recently acquired a retail bank in Brazil (Banco Damasco). Banco Damasco has been under-performing, but due to the severe shortage of potential acquisitions in Brazil, the European bank decided to go ahead with the deal. The participants’ task is to develop a strategy for growing the bank’s business. They are given background information about Brazil, the industry, the banking group, Banco Damasco and options available for expansion.

"Teletravel" Coaching exercise

In this exercise the participant takes on the role of a national sales manager working for a travel company. He/she is required to meet with one of his/her regional sales managers who has been experiencing problems with several members of his/her team and wants some guidance on how to manage these. The exercise calls for the participant to guide the regional manager in how best to coach and develop his/her team. This role play simulates a meeting where a senior manager has to coach and develop a subordinate manager to manage his/her team effectively.

"Passel Beech Valley Coaching" exercise

The participant assumes the role of a depot manager in a parcel delivery company. He/she is asked to hold a review meeting with a night shift manager. Issues that require discussion include managing crisis situations, achieving targets, customer focus and security. This exercise can be used on a standalone basis or in conjunction with the Passel Beech Valley in-tray exercise.

"Let Us Help" Coaching exercise

In this exercise the participant takes the part of a business manager working for an IT company called Let Us
Help (LUH). He/she meets with a colleague, Jo, who is a sales manager in the same company and is responsible for selling LUH’s services in a particular region. The participant is not Jo’s boss but has overall responsibility for the sales success of one of the services Jo is selling. The participant must coach Jo to enable him/her to improve his/her sales performance.

"Balcon Bank" Coaching exercise

The participant assumes the role of Head of Corporate Banking for Balcon Bank. His/her task is to hold a discussion with one of his/her direct reports, Jamie Stevenson, the Head of Management Buy Outs, about his/her performance. The participant is given information about Jamie’s performance which includes the results of a recent 360 degree feedback exercise; customer feedback; a member of the team’s exit interview report; some information about the Bank’s strategic priorities and a potential new revenue opportunity. He/she must then prepare to hold a 30 minute meeting with Jamie.

"Bichot" exercițiu de tip joc de rol

În acest exercițiu candidatul trebuie să își asume rolul de lider într-o multinațională, și să acorde ajutor unui coleg tânăr, talentat, care se confruntă cu probleme. 


"Bichot" szerepjáték gyakorlat

Ebben a gyakorlatban a jelöltnek bele kell képzelnie magát egy multinacionális vállalat egyik vezetőjének szerepébe, aki fiatal, tehetséges, de bizonyos problémákba ütköző munkatársának ad segítséget.