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Numerical Evaluation Test (NCC4)

This test measures the ability to make inferences and deductions from numerical data laid out in the form of tables or graphs. The test is appropriate for any job involving analysis or decision-making based on numerical facts, but the nature of the data presented makes the test particularly relevant for sales and customer service work. Calculators are allowed. (NCC4 is longer and more demanding than NCC2.)

Numerical Interpretation Test (NCC2)

Measures the ability to understand and use numerical data presented in tables and graphs. The data and the questions have been designed to simulate the kind of numerical information which might feature in sales and customer service jobs. Calculators are permitted, since the emphasis is on reasoning with data rather than computation and arithmetic.

Verbal Interpretation Test (VCC1)

The candidate has to read texts, the content of which is based on written material relevant for customer service jobs, and decide whether certain statements are true, false, or whether there is insufficient information in the passage to say. Measures the ability to understand straightforward written texts and to highlight the most important information in order to arrive at reasoned conclusions.

Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)

The Motivation Questionnaire is recommended for the assessment of managers and professionals. The candidate has to indicate how much various factors motivate them in their work. It can be used on its own and as a companion to SHL personality questionnaires. Since motivation fluctuates as a function of time and changing circumstances, it is recommended that the candidates be retested quite often.

Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire (CCSQ) for sales representatives

The test asks the individual to indicate his or her responses on a scale of five from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Recommended for training and development purposes.