PlayBack | SHL Hungary


Playback theatre uses storytelling and representation to enable organisational development opportunities, which can be used on multiple levels:

  • in the case of small group work portraying a difficult situation and practicing various solutions is possible,
  • in the case of 50/100 people we provide a group cohesion developing presentation, where employees and leaders of the organisation can meet.

The two methods are different in intensity and in the number of participants. The realisation of psychological processes, intentions, motivations help to create effective transparency, cooperation, consciousness in the organisation’s formation. Displaying human values means developing professional self-esteem

Playback theatre’s methods can be used efficiently in the case of building organisational and/or personal BRAND, too. We have multiple reference plays. We would be glad to present some, if there is demand for it.

We worked on this new method – which is usually a part of organisational development projects – with Kiss György Ádám, member of leadership at the Hungarian Psychodrama Society.

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