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360-degree questionnaires

SHL’s 360° feedback system is designed to integrate easily with customer requirements. SHL offer assessment support or training throughout the entire development process, from defining objectives, or selecting appropriate competencies and behaviours through delivering the 360° assessment and interpreting and delivering feedback. In addition, the results from UCF based solutions can be combined with OPQ results to create a Performance vs. Potential report, giving you an opportunity to really focus on developing real potential. In addition to a standard UCF based offering, MFS solutions can be fully customised to include customer competency models.

Universal Competency Framework (UCF)

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It is based on the UCF20 competency model. It provides a holistic 360-degree view of an employee by gathering feedback from the employee’s manager, peers, direct reports, and/or other raters. By offering a wide range of perspectives, 360 feedback gives employees a more thorough understanding of not only their strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, but also their impact on others.

Perspectives on Management Competencies (PMC)

The PMC facilitates constructive, in-depth, 360° degree development of managers, based on detailed assessment of 36 key management competencies, viewed from multiple perspectives. Besides the candidate, a number of other people (colleagues, subordinates, managers, clients) fill the questionnaire as well. The test can be administered with a computer which makes test-taking flexible. The comprehensible, computer generated report is aimed particularly for managers (i.e. the candidates), and helps to identify and accept areas of development.

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