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TalentCentral – Get to know your people faster and easier! Get an insight into the world of online tests and questionnaires.

What is TalentCentral?

TalentCentral helps professionals in the user-friendly management of projects, which can be easily accessed from a web browser. With the help of the platform you can easily manage the online SHL tools. The system is used by countless companies worldwide.

What can TalentCentral offer?

  • You can organize SHL tests and questionnaires into projects. You can invite the people to the project, who you want to examine with the help of the online tests. The completion of multiple tests and questionnaires can be requested at once. Such projects may include development, selection, and performance evaluation.
  • Once the tests are completed, the platform will immediately process the results. From these, the platform produces detailed and well-visualized reports, which are easy to interpret.
  • It is user-friendly for platform administrators and people who are examined. In addition, it is also available on mobile devices and computer browsers.
  • An excellent tool for the management and tracking of the results of applicants and employees. The efficiency of individual projects can be monitored and important trends and areas can be identified as well.
  • The appearance of the platform can be customized to the needs of the customer. In this way it can be integrated into the image of every company.
  • It integrates easily with existing ATS systems and can be linked to your own enterprise interfaces.
  • Real-time analysis allows you to make a number of statements which help you in the decision-making process.
  • Our tools are available in 30 languages.

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