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Is your costliest asset giving you a high enough return?

In today’s highly competitive global economy successful organisations more than ever need people who deliver real business results.

But while most organisations know people are their most important and expensive asset, few have clear insight into their potential or value.

SHL Hungary Ltd., the Distributor of  SHL Talent Measurement Solutions methodology in Hungary provides that insight. We help you understand, benchmark and make better decisions about people, utilising:

  • SHL Talent Measurement Solutions more than 30 years’ talent assessment innovation and expertise
  • 25 million assessments completed every year in more than 30 languages
  • The world’s largest database of People Intelligence, enabling us to benchmark talent
  • SHL’s unique insight into people’s behaviour, ability and potential – wherever they may work

While different countries, industries and organisations face different people challenges, there is plenty of talent out there. The challenge is finding the right talent – even within your organisation – recognising and retaining it.

HR strategy

The process begins with the development of an effective HR strategy that serves the company’s goal of successfully responding to the challenges of the future by shaping people, jobs, and corporate culture.

Selection and evaluation

It is crucial to select the most talented people from among the talented applicants. SHL’s state-of-the-art methods provide a wealth of information about work and employees, greatly assisting personnel decision-making.


Developing and helping employees and making the most of their potential is extremely important for both the individual and the organization. SHL’s research and development tools help companies make the most of their human resources.

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