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Selection and Development with Tests - Online

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Our Selection and Development with Tests training course is now available in virtual space as well!

Our training is ongoing in the light of applications. An example of the modules and schedule can be viewed from our training program:

The course gives an international qualification, the conditions of which are as follows:

  1.  Experience with feedback (1.5 hours),
  2. Course participation (4 x 1.5 hours online),
  3. Open book test on your own,
  4. Feedback independently to a test person online with supervision.

Individual feedback will take place at a pre-arranged time after the application is recorded. In this discussion, in addition to discussing individual results, we will also address some professional issues. After the discussion, we will send you a theoretical summary of the course, which includes basic statistical knowledge and scale descriptions.

The course consists of three one and a half hour modules, which can also be taken at pre-arranged times. More people can apply for these modules at the same time. After the discussions, the presentations will be sent to the participants. The goal is to prepare for the first exam. Test subjects are usually provided by SHL Hungary Kft., but it is also possible for the participant to appoint a test person from their own company.

The open book test is solved by everyone alone at home and sent back to us, which we archive so we can issue the certificate. The questions can be answered from the materials we publish.

We will send information to each participant about the pace of progress and help them choose the nearest time. We are also happy to answer specific professional questions!

Training starts with a minimum of 4 participants, according to the agreed time and place.

Our registration number in the Adult Education Data Service System is B/2020/006665.
We act in accordance with the Adult Education Act in all respects.


For whom? 

We recommend this course to HR professionals who intend to solve selection and development-related tasks individually within their company, and plan to use SHL tools as an organic part of the organisation’s HR system on a long run.


The curriculum is highly multifaceted. In the introduction, we talk about the history of testing, the nature vs. nurture question, and different types of psychological tests (specifically those used in the workplace).  We continue with why we use tests in selection and training, how to avoid errors in selection, and what is reliability and validity. (These statistical notions help in understanding certain connections.) Participants will get acquainted to ability tests (verbal and numerical reasoning test, technical test, and clerical test) and personality questionnaires from the Workplace Behaviour Test Package. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to get to know questionnaires measuring motivation, preferences, and workstyle.


Administering and evaluating tests, and giving feedback on the results, is something one has to learn, but it is not a typical theoretical learning material. In order to have personal experience about them, every participant will complete tests, and then they will evaluate and interpret their own results, with our help of course. We will present SHL’s computer generated expert system that offers valuable assistance for the user in evaluating the results of personality questionnaires. Participants will practice individually one of the most important parts of the process, i.e. giving feedback.

Naturally, we count on active cooperation of the participants also while picking up theoretical knowledge. And there will be discussions about all topics and even debate over questions of biggest interest. We will show AC/DC exercises (there is a different course where you can learn how to use these) and SHL’s Job Analysis System (there is also a different course about this). And finally there will be an opportunity to learn about tools developed outside of SHL: the Raven Progressive Matrices, and its verbal counterpart, the Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale. Participants, who successfully complete the course, will be awarded with an international certificate that will qualify them for the worldwide use of SHL tests.


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