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Selection and Development with Tests - Online

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Our Selection and Development with Tests training course is now available in virtual space as well!

Our training is ongoing in the light of applications. An example of the modules and schedule can be viewed from our training program in early October:

The course gives an international qualification, the conditions of which are as follows:

  1.  Experience with feedback (1.5 hours),
  2. Course participation (3 x 1.5 hours on Skype),
  3. Open book test on your own,
  4. Feedback independently to a test person on Skype with supervision.

Individual feedback will take place at a pre-arranged time after the application is recorded. In this discussion, in addition to discussing individual results, we will also address some professional issues. After the discussion, we will send you a theoretical summary of the course, which includes basic statistical knowledge and scale descriptions.

The course consists of three one and a half hour modules, which can also be taken at pre-arranged times. More people can apply for these modules at the same time. After the discussions, the presentations will be sent to the participants. The goal is to prepare for the first exam. Test subjects are usually provided by SHL Hungary Kft., but it is also possible for the participant to appoint a test person from their own company.

The open book test is solved by everyone alone at home and sent back to us, which we archive so we can issue the certificate. The questions can be answered from the materials we publish.

We will send information to each participant about the pace of progress and help them choose the nearest time. We are also happy to answer specific professional questions!


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