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Customized processes

Deliver More Value with Your High-Potential Program

High-potential (HIPO) employees are critical to your organization’s current and future success. They are the key players you want to identify and develop to power your organization.

Our research shows that HIPOs are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. But today’s reality is that 73% of HIPO programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI. So what needs to change to achieve HIPO program success?

The best companies use predictive measures to identify true high-potentials, compare them against the competition and develop them through on-the-job learning to drive performance impact. Realize the promise of your high-potentials.

HIPO Reports are giving you the chance, to see a profile of your high-potentials based on different types of questionnaires and tests, giving you the complex outcome you need.

The new generation of online assessment tools

SHL Hungary supports companies in efficient selection for more than 20 years. In the past years SHL became a pioneer in online assessments in Hungary as well. We offer you innovative, optimized and tailor-made solutions, designed for your company’s needs.

Smaller costs, higher efficiency 

The new generation of assessment tools helps you decrease HR costs and increase the accuracy of recruitment assessments, thus improving the company’s image.

Innovative technology 

The technology of SHL Hungary Ltd. enables you to get rid of the fixed templates of the old HR systems you used by tailoring the tests and the reports and fitting the assessment process in your systems. Tailoring includes the branding of all parts of the system – web, report, administration system, etc.

The option that the candidates can read and comment on the generated report right after the completion of the test is a unique feature of our system in the whole world. This increases the reliability and acceptance of the assessment, and fulfils data protection and privacy standards. Furthermore, another advantage of our system is that it manages each candidate automatically, saving a lot of human resources. We grant around-the-clock support for our online platforms.

Two ways to use

  • On Demand: You can administrate the candidates on your own (for bigger companies), or
  • SHL Managed Assessment Services: You can send us the candidate information and we send the accesses to the candidates.

Follow-up days

At SHL Hungary we find it very important that our partners benefit of our continuous professional support. Hence we invite our licenced partners to quarterly meetings, in which we can discuss issues that have arised in the previous quarter, reflect on professional topics, and attend all their questions and need regarding SHL tools and methodology. Register at support [at]

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