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Group online coaching

In line with the current epidemic situation, we offer an online development solution free of personal contact!

In our online group sessions, we help you explore your strengths, areas for improvement, and limitations. The information obtained in this way helps the individual to work more efficiently.

The number of coaching sessions in every case is min. 5 - max. 10, focusing on occupational behaviour during the development, starting with an explorative interview and filling out various internationally accepted questionnaires and test packages (e.g. 360-degree questionnaires). After the first session, we come up with a development plan that usually concentrates on 2-3 competencies. One session involves 4 hours of work, at the end of each one a record is made of the results achieved and the tasks to be performed for both the participant and the coach. After the coaching process is over, a year later, we are doing a follow-up to check up on our clients.

Some areas of application:

  • uncovering individual development needs
  • group development
  • to coordinate individual and group developments
  • improving self-awareness
  • organisational change

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