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Executive coaching

SHL offers thorough and objective help in executive development. 

We deliver the ideal combination of measurement and development in our one-on-one meetings. We help uncover strengths and development areas. This type of information facilitates improved decision making when it comes to development or organisational change. 

The number of coaching sessions in every case is min. 5 - max. 10, focusing on occupational behaviour during the development, starting with an explorative interview and filling out various internationally accepted questionnaires and test packages (e.g. 360-degree questionnaires). After the first session, we come up with a development plan that usually concentrates on 2-3 competencies. One session involves 4 hours of work, at the end of each one a record is made of the results achieved and the tasks to be performed for both the participant and the coach. After the coaching process is over, a year later, we are doing a follow-up to check up on our clients.

The most important benefits

  • with the help of seasoned consultants, leaders can build their decisions on objective facts
  • our colleagues give feedback on the assessment results quickly and efficiently
  • the organisation can benefit from information gained by using SHL's worldwide renown assessment tools even without making a long-term commitment to use SHL methodology, and without the HR team having to participate in SHL's certification courses
  • our consultants can choose the most fitting tool from hundreds of ability tests, personality questionnaires, and simulation exercises
  • we support the executives' work effectively, and help avoid selection and development errors
  • our services are discrete and reliable 
  • SHL is present in over 50 countries, and our consultants are available for international projects as well

Areas for use

  • organisational change
  • appointment of new executives
  • assessing whether the potential new incumbent fits into the organisational culture
  • comparing internal and external candidates
  • uncovering individual development needs
  • individual development
  • improving self-awareness

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