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Set of Interview Questions

The interview is usually an important part of recruitment and selection. It helps the employer make a good decision about candidates and candidates to learn more about the job and the organization they have applied for.

It takes considerable preparation to select the right candidate through an interview. Research shows that interviewers often fall victim to prejudice and other pitfalls, which can lead to bad decisions. One of the most important features of good interview technique is structured questioning, which allows us to explore the nature and extent of correspondence between a person and a job from different perspectives.

The SHL Set of Interview Questions allow us to gather information about candidates ’competencies in a structured way. The questionnaire is based on SHL's Universal Competency Framework (UCF) and covers twenty key competencies. The questionnaire should be used in conjunction with the Universal Competency Report based on the results of the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) - this will make it easier to identify the important areas that we want to explore further during the interview.

To support a competency-based leadership culture, we recommend the SHL's Set of Interview Questions. Used for SHL’s general competency model, this workbook helps you conduct a competency-based interview. The price of a booklet is 20,000 HUF + VAT.

In addition to the Set of Interview Questions, we recommend SHL Competency Cards to help identify and rank competencies.

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