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Virtual Assessment and Development Centres (VADC)
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Assessment Center - already online!

The epidemic caused by the coronavirus has radically transformed the world of work in addition to everyday life. It is no different with us either, our tools and methods have moved into the online space. True, most of our tools - our tests, questionnaires - have been available to our partners online so far. Thanks to the hard work of our team, we can provide unchanged, high-quality and personalized help contactlessly, even online!

The Assessment & Development Center (AC/DC) is the most modern and reliable method of selection and career planning. In such programs, assessment or development is given a more prominent role according to the client’s needs. SHL has introduced the method in Hungary for more than 25 years and has been successfully conducting AC/DC-s with its partners ever since.

The Virtual Assessment & Development Center (VADC) also tries to support organizations in the decision-making of selection and development processes by simulating the work environment, work processes and related tasks and problems, in order to get the right person to the right place.

Among the individual exercises of VADC there are analysis-presentation exercises, role-play exercises, fact-finding exercises and coaching exercises, which you can find on our international talent assessment platform, TalentCentral. Of course we also compile a more complex or simpler professional program according to the claims of our future clients. Our portfolio includes a number of simulation exercises, ability tests, motivation and personality questionnaires, which you can find in the menu items above.

In a realistic business setting the candidate interacts with a simulated workspace (email inbox and document hub, which contains shared files) when reviewing and analyzing a business case. Information is presented in an engaging format, including multimedia, such as voicemails, podcasts, and video-based overviews of the organization, as well as simulated websites, online news articles, or company reports. Some exercises involve a written component, and others involve interacting with a live assessor.

As a human resources specialist and a psychologist, of course, we also miss the face-to-face meeting, but we believe that the online space is also exponentially suitable for conducting AC/DC-s. For employees who often operate in a multinational, virtual environment, the online Assessment Center may be particularly relevant, as they will continue to work on similar interfaces and methods.

With our safe, online methods, we guarantee personalized, efficient solutions without contact! If you are interested, contact us with confidence!

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