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What kind of leader wouldn’t like his or her employees to form a good team?

Who wouldn’t like to work in a good team? 

On the level of wishes or visions, everyone has an image of the good community, the strengthening effect of supportive team members. Sometimes we have the chance to also experience this for a shorter or longer period.

But sometimes instead of becoming real, our wishes vanish into thin air. When we meet the ‘other person’s’ – and also our own – unsettled inner world, communication barriers and misunderstandings occur. We need to do something in order to re-establish the conditions holding the team together, to clear out misunderstandings and to create a positive atmosphere, where problems can be solved.

We need to do something, because the team members’ relationships with each-other strongly affect customer relations and organisation’s efficiency. We need to do something, because good teams reach good results. We need to do something, because that is what our competitors will also do.

A good team also looks good, and this affects customers. Clients and participants of our trainings make a wish of how their team should be, and we help them translate this wish into reality by adding our expertise. 

Approach and methodology 

Our trainings can be characterised by humanistic approach, but we also use different games to accelerate the development process. Here you can find a few examples of these:

Indoor exercises

  • Wine–Water
  • X-Y Game
  • Knifes
  • Over the Valley of Kings
  • The Tower
  • Spider Web
  • Build a Castle
  • Moonwalker
  • Helicopter
  • Game of Trust
  • How am I – how do others see me?
  • My Team Type
  • Who Goes to the Castle?
  • Build a Bridge

Outdoor Exercises

  • Everest Expedition
  • Rope Bridge
  • Tree Stump
  • War of Numbers
  • Traditional 10-Minutes Physical Trust-Game

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