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Coping with stress

When it comes to stress management, our specialty is that all participants receive a personal report about their unique stressors (factors that will affect most their levels of stress). 

Since János Selye's books on stress, we all know that in this accelerated world, the modern people are being affected by more and more information and tasks, and the human organism is not prepared for this. Of course we do need some amount of tension or challenging tasks for a "good life", for "good work" (that's what Selye calls "good stress"). But exploiting our own resources ("distress") is physically and emotionally harmful. 

Everyone has to learn how to protect himself/herself from too much stress: by developing a distress-free work environment, by efficient time management, relaxing exercises. 

Eliminating distress makes life more enjoyable, keeps illness away, and facilitates higher efficiency on short and long term. 

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