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4 advice for hiring the right employee


Finding the right employees can take up a lot of time and money, not to mention that as long as we do not have the right workforce, the company may have to suffer delays regarding customer service. With the advice below, we can be sure that we will soon find the ideal employee.

Communicate clear expectations

Wherever you advertise the open position, please note that potential candidates are usually distinguish between jobs based on keywords or industries. Explain the name of the position offered, list the tasks, expectations and benefits that await the new employee, so that those interested can decide whether they are really interested in the job or would be fit for it; so we will get fewer irrelevant applications.

Advertise in an appropriate place

Doesn't matter if your job advertisement is perfect if you do not reach the right candidates. Find out where your potential employees are. For example, our target group may ne less present on job sites, instead they are looking for advertisements on the respective chamber's website or on thematic sites.


Let them take a look into the corporate culture

You can learn some skills or the use of the software you need at work, but it's harder to change our behavior. And it is extremely important for a new employee to fit in with the team. So, in the ad, let's demonstrate what life is like at the company and what attitudes a prospective employee needs to have to feel good at the new job. In a job interview we can also ask questions - whether implicitly- to which we can infer from the responses to the candidate's personality and make it easier for ourselves to decide whether the new candidate fits into the team or not.


Do not settle down for less

If there is not a single promising candidate in the first round, do not settle for the least bad. Instead, wait a little longer and resubmit the vacancy. This way we lose a lot less time than hiring someone less adequate for the position, then firing her/him after the probation period. Either way we have to start over the search for the best fit again, so why not choose the solution requiring less time?

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