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Are you afraid that the new employee won’t pay off? Here is how you can prevent the problem


In many cases the qualities and traits of an employee isn't exactly explicit. In case of a pretended positive attitude the real personality could remain hidden for a few months. Moreover, the inadequate qualities are often revealed only when delays in workflow starting to show off, the quality of service diminishes or the number of hours spent on that job is beginning to rise. In that case, while we are starting to look for new employees, we lose weeks, months, on the top of that, material damage is also significant.


Not only for psychologists

We can save ourselves from this by using a combined measuring method of the latest results of industrial and organizational psychology and online tools when selecting candidates. 

Online selection and evaluation systems help not only HR specialists to find the perfect employee, but also give an understandable, clear assessment of the candidates' real personalities and competences to leaders, all in accordance with the job requirements. The results therefore reveal the features of the candidate not only for psychologists and trained specialists.


Error excluded

 The tests have varying depths, therefore complex assessments are easy to make. These tests are based on psychological grounds and are less easy to manipulate. Since one of this science’s main field is to find out what a person is like, why the person is as he/she is and what are the behavioural, emotional, spiritual and even physiological consequences of his/her personality.

The obtained results provide a sufficiently comprehensive picture of the candidate, but at the same time the appropriately selected test embraces personality dimensions and attributes that are relevant to the given position. That is, the results are not lost in the irrelevant data or in the blur of generalization. Knowing the personality of the candidates can thus minimize the risks of misguided decision making.


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