Our March training’s theme: Assessment and Development Centre (AC/DC) | SHL Hungary

Our March training’s theme: Assessment and Development Centre (AC/DC)

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SHL Hungary Ltd. is a pioneer of Assessment and Development Centers in Hungary. Our organization has helped many organizations in developing their individual Assessment and Development Center.

We are organizing our training in an online form. During the training, participants will get to know the method of the Assessment and Development Centre, and by completing the training, they will be able to implement it into the organization’s selection and career planning system.

Participants will gain knowledge on planning competency models, evaluating group, file organizing, analyzing-presenting, fact searching, role-playing exercises, they learn how to prepare evaluators inside the organization, and how to make competency matrixes and timetables. They will also try out the exercises so they will have experience about the methods. While there is a theoretical part of the training, it mostly focuses on practical questions. The material is based on SHL’s exercises, at the same time, our goal is to teach participants to prepare exercises on their own. Participants will receive the textbook attended by SHL Hungary Ltd. and Edge 2000 Publisher.

The Assessment and Development Centre is an effective selection and developmental method. The Development centers put emphasis in discussing the reactions of candidates in modell-situation problems, the participant and the evaluator work together to map out development areas, and this self-reflection work - if executed right - has a developing effect on its own.

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