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Talent assessment with SHL’s tools


The last few years, our lives have changed in many aspects, including our shopping customs. Organizations quickly realized that they needed to adapt to the customer needs as soon as possible. Although the demand for change appeared in most organizations, many of them don’t know how to take the steps that are required for this.

Let’s take two very different companies as examples. The first company sells antibacterial cleaning products, the second is the owner of a 5-star hotel that provides unique experiences to guests. The pandemic has challenged them both but in different ways. The first company had to produce, transport and sell more products than before, the second had to think of new ways to survive the pandemic. Both tasks require different competencies – those, who drive the first company to success may not be the ones that are fruitful for the second one. The prior needs a leader that is able to provide a good performance with limited resources, and the latter needs someone who can implement creative and innovative solutions to emerging problems. SHL’s study suggests that employees who obtain the needed competencies for a task are 4 times more likely to provide a good performance than those who don’t.

The Assessment and Development Centre is the most effective scientific, data-driven talent assessment tool that shows us which candidates/employees are qualified for the challenges the organization faces. SHL has been a foregoer in developing and arranging Assessment Centers for decades. During simulation exercises participants are instructed to imagine themselves into situations that may occur during work and they have to solve the problems according to their role. Let’s take a look at some of our simulation exercises:

During the „Gas Factory” exercise participants have to give advice in strategic questions of a medium-sized factory as external consultant group member. The task can provide information about the candiates’ analytical and presentation skills, too.

During another group exercise („Cell Soll”) team members have to restart and finish a failed project. During the exercise, leadership, reasoning, persuasion, group management, creativity, and communication skills become observable.

In the „Hobson Brothers Ltd.” file-organizing exercise the candidate is the newly appointed production and sales executive of a small production company, and he has to assure that production and distribution runs smoothly while paying attention to budget and deadlines. He has to solve problems like the „greens’” imminent behavior because of the use of exotic animal leather, renting storage spaces and attending conferences. This task is efficient in the examination of planning and organizing, problem-solving, written communication strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

It is key in the midst of changing circumstances to identify challenges, plan out the steps of solution and select leader that possess the needed competencies for them. SHL’s scientifically accurate methods can help in this – personality questionnaires, ability tests, simulation exercises, interview question banks – you can learn to use them yourself on our trainings or SHL’s experienced consultants can help your organization in the selection of the best candidates.

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