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Logikus gondolkodás tesztek

Test de căutarea problemelor

În acest test candidatul verifică scheme de comutare. În fiecare execiţiu trebuie să aleagă dintr-o serie de comutatoare pe cel care nu funcţionează. Pentru rezolvarea exerciţiilor este nevoie de aptitudini vizuale şi logice bune. Testul este excelent pentru poziţii în care angajatul lucrează cu utilaje complexe şi trebuie să recunoască defectele prompt.

Mill Hill Vocabulary Scales Test

The test is a companion to the Raven’s Matrices which measure nonverbal intelligence. It contains words that an intelligent person would probably “know” yet would not be necessarily aware of their meaning. The candidate has to choose the synonym of the words from a list of alternatives.

Test of Productive Thinking (TPT1.1)

Reasoning is necessary but not sufficient in most jobs: one needs original ideas as well. In many cases it is creativity that differentiates the outstanding and the average manager. This version was designed primarily for recent graduates and junior managers. The test is widely used as part of an Assessment Centre. The test measures in a structured way how creative the candidate is when facing problems, and how much they are able find solutions and explanations. Based on the answers of the candidate one can draw inferences about the fluency, diversity, and originality of their ideas.

Inductive Reasoning Test for Software Developers, Programmers, System Operators, Engineers and Project Engineers

This kind of test measures the logical reasoning skills of the candidate with the help of graphs. As many researches have confirmed, this kind of test indicates the suitability of software developers well.